30 December 2005

Njau Women's Center

Here's a picture that a neighbouring volunteer (Haddy Wan lives in Chamen, some 9kms away) took while visiting the Njau women's centre. As with the school, certain activities (crop harvests, Ramadan) prevented me from an undiluted view of the centre's daily undertakings, but I'm hoping to get more involved with a more active outfit after Tobaski.

Among the group's activities is weaving handbags and purses out of old plastic bags, which they then sell to create a little supplemental income and a measure of financial independence. We are looking at ways to expand the market for these goods. I'm including a picture of these items too.


Liz said...


I love the updates on your blog! It looks like you're doing great, just like we all knew you would. Happy New Year! Keep your eyes open for a letter from me in a few weeks!

Take care, m'adamfo!

Dave said...

I thought of you today since my sister just arrived in Ghana for a month vacation. It's nice there, huh? There's a total solar eclipse on March 29, but I guess you're outside the umbra anyway.