19 November 2004

Banana Hammocks Left Swinging in the Wind...

Note: Project Mayhem is the name of the Kickball team I was on, DC Royal Division, Fall 2004. Kickball's rules are similar to baseball, although there are only 5 innings. This game, our first win, took place on September 1, 2004. We were previously 0-2.

In a seesaw affair, the Bananas took an early 2-0 lead. Project Mayhem played an inspired 3rd inning, leaving them up 5-2. The Hammocks responded in kind, with strong kicking that unnerved the Mayhemers' fielding unit. At the end of the 4th, it was 6-5, Mayhemers. In the 5th, the battle was truly joined. PMer Jeff opened up the inning with a lead-off home run. The Mayhemers scored a couple more runs, and then it was the Banana Hammocks' turn. Our Captain, J. Carter, bellowed, "3 UP!!!..." to which we responded "3 DOOOOWN!!!!" Now, our leader's talk may have sounded like so much hot air, but it is not without historical precedent...

There once was a Captain named Carter
Who was a stupendous farter.
When the wind wouldn't blow,
And the ship wouldn't go,
Carter the Farter would start'er.

With their ship thusly righted, Project Mayhem came through with a 5th inning shutout, on the strength of Charlie's pitching. The Bananas, though peeled, did not split, instead gaining a measure of revenge in flip-cup. Yet, like the Grinch's heart, the beers they chugged were Two Sizes Too Small!

Final score: Project Mayhem 9, Banana Hammocks 5

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